What is waiting to bloom in you?

Yesterday, I was out for a walk with my dog, Ruby.

IMG_1721 We were going by the sea, which is bordered by The Burren  – a limestone area which has many crevasses and deep cracks in the karst. At this time  of year, the Burren is full of flowers from all parts of the world, which are not found together anywhere else – Alpine and Mediterranean flowers in the same place.


One of the things I always love is peering into the fissures in the rocks and finding things growing up from the dark inside. It amazes me that they can bloom from such a deep, dark place.


I know that within me, and within you, there are beautiful blooms, waiting in the shelter of the dark for the right time for them to come forward into the light. I love that.

 I have always wanted to paint and express myself but I picked up lots of messages very early on that I was not artistic or creative. Over the years, I have at times, tried to paint or draw but got easily frustrated and gave up.
 In the last  year, I have started going to a wonderful art group called Art to Heart, which is run by a wonderful woman who is passionate about helping people of all ages discover their innate creativity.  It is fun and free and she is so encouraging and supportive.
I love that at 60 I have found somewhere where I can let some light into a seed of creativity that I have buried very deeply. Last week I was in Pisa on a week of Art – a week for the Senses.I loved it, and kept getting such an overwhelming feeling of joy that I was there. 2 years ago, it would have felt impossible for me to see myself on a week of Art – me?? Art for a week?? Never.
What is there waiting to bloom in you, that you have buried deeply, thinking that you can’t do it/ be it/ have it?
What would feel better from where you are now to shine some light on it?
Have fun discovering what it is…

What magical things are you taking for granted?

The Communion of Light were talking today about the magical things that we take for granted. Things which seem so simple to us, that we don’t even think of them.

Inis Meann June 2005 with Lucy 065

Things like:

getting milk out of the fridge
driving your car
switching on the lights
turning on the tap for water
running hot water
wearing jeans
speaking on the phone
getting a bowl out of the cupboard
having a cup of coffee
the internet
the power of a smart phone


When you think of all the hundreds of things that had to be imagined, and then brought to reality for this to happen, it really does seem magical.

If you think of what your great grandparents would have thought of all the things which we take for granted…

If you think of what today’s refugees or homeless people think of what we take for granted….

Yet we completely take them for granted – and get very easily frustrated if they are not immediately available.

There was a children’s programme on in the 1970’s on the BBC about a character called Catweazle


Catweazle somehow travelled through time from the Middle Ages to the 1970’s in Britain. He was terrified of everything – electricity, cars, welding machines – everything was terrifying to him. He was a wizard and kept trying to use his spells and everything that was familiar to him, to him safe. It was a great way of showing how magical many of the things are which we take for granted.

What do you take for granted, that is really, really magical.

In what delightful ways can you really, deeply appreciate the magic of the most simple things that you take for granted?

What can you dream, that seems really magical from where you are?

What do you do when you have a setback?


Someone was asking me about what it means when you take action towards what you are wanting – and things seem to be working out and then things change, and there are a few obstacles in your way.

To me obstacles are always signs that there is some lack of clarity, or somewhere that I am not fully aligned with what I am wanting. The hiccup gives me clues to what this might be.(it can be a while before I fully see it like this – but that’s what’s always there when I am ready and willing to look).

This was my suggestion to them:

“I think if I were in your shoes, I would first sit with the feelings that were coming up about things not working out. Really feel them in my body and let them be there – breath into them and let me body do whatever it wanted. Or find whatever other way I know that works for me about releasing the feelings that this is bringing up.

Then I’d see what felt BETTER from where I was – not necessarily good, but better and sit with that for a while.

Then, when the time felt right, I’d get into as far into my Vortex as I was able in the way that felt best to me – walking the dog, listening to music, listening to a great call, dancing, etc

Then I’d look for more clarity on what it is I’m wanting – contrast is always a way of showing more clearly what you do want. So I’d sit with that and see what clarity came up for me. There are often things I haven’t thought of as possibilities that show themselves to to me. Or inspiration that just pops into my thoughts – or I may realise that I didn’t really want what I thought I wanted.

To me hiccups are always signs that there is some lack of clarity, or somewhere that I am not fully aligned with what I am wanting. The hiccup gives me clues to what this might be.(it can be a while before I fully see it like this – but that’s what’s always there when I am ready and willing to look at.

Hiccups always have a message in my experience. Hope you get greater clarity after yours.