A lovely rainy, Sunday…..

I used to hate rainy days and Sundays………..

………. not sure if if was the Carpenters song (which I have only just realised is about Mondays and not Sundays!! – I had even changed that in my mind, to bring evidence to my thinking.)

But today is a Sunday and a rainy day and although it is just beginning, I am really enjoying it and looking forward to how it will reveal its delights.

I was just really struck by that change – coming after many years now of changing my focus to the things I like rather than the things I don’t, has brought changes that I don’t always realise. This is one of them…..

Today I am appreciating:

that I am appreciating what I have, rather than looking at what I don’t have, which was a habit for many years (this feels so much better!)

being warm and cosy in my lovely home

snuggling on the couch with the dog and cat as I am writing this

having great rain gear to go out for a walk later with the dog

the days getting longer, so there is more time to go out

the different things I have to do in the house that really interest me – knitting a cardigan, art work, dressmaking.

movies to watch and TV programmes to catch up on

time to cook some really tasty food

time to nap and snooze if I want to

time to call friends who live away I haven’t spoken to in a while

…………….   and much more

but mainly, the first thing I appreciated – that I get to choose where I put my attention, and I know where that feels better.