Appreciating a feast for the senses….

IMG_1762Yesterday, it was a glorious morning here. To me the weather was just perfect – about 70F / 20 C  with a very light breeze. I walked the dog on our usual walk, and I really became clear about how differently I experience the exact same walk, depending on how I am thinking and feeling.

Even on a beautiful day, I can take for granted much of the beauty of what I see – especially if I am in a bad mood, or rushing, or feeling pre-occupied. If I had been feeling any of those things yesterday, I wouldn’t have noticed how vibrant the gorse was, or the beautiful coconut smell. I wouldn’t have stopped for a few minutes and just looked into the flowers and the depth of their colour. I wouldn’t have noticed the insects living in them. I would have just walked past, maybe thinking they were nice – but not really revelling in them.

One of the things I have eased myself into doing more and more, and I sometimes forget, and that’s okay – is to say  to myself before I do anything – this is going to be the best  walk (or meal, or  nap, or drive or anything….) yet. And to really breathe that it before I start.  It’s amazing how much richer my experiences are when I say that – and as I am going along, I ask myself questions, like:

What more wonderful things are there to see?

How could this be even better?

How can my body enjoy this more?

etc  –  any questions or thoughts that feel better in the asking at that moment.

As I said – I don’t do it all the time, and I still have times when I am lost  in my thinking, and don’t notice anything much around me. But that used to be most of the time, and now is only a small amount of the time. It is much more normal for me now to remember how easy it is, to really appreciate what is right in front of me.

What helps you to remember that?