What is waiting to bloom in you?

Yesterday, I was out for a walk with my dog, Ruby.

IMG_1721 We were going by the sea, which is bordered by The Burren  – a limestone area which has many crevasses and deep cracks in the karst. At this time  of year, the Burren is full of flowers from all parts of the world, which are not found together anywhere else – Alpine and Mediterranean flowers in the same place.


One of the things I always love is peering into the fissures in the rocks and finding things growing up from the dark inside. It amazes me that they can bloom from such a deep, dark place.


I know that within me, and within you, there are beautiful blooms, waiting in the shelter of the dark for the right time for them to come forward into the light. I love that.

 I have always wanted to paint and express myself but I picked up lots of messages very early on that I was not artistic or creative. Over the years, I have at times, tried to paint or draw but got easily frustrated and gave up.
 In the last  year, I have started going to a wonderful art group called Art to Heart, which is run by a wonderful woman who is passionate about helping people of all ages discover their innate creativity.  It is fun and free and she is so encouraging and supportive.
I love that at 60 I have found somewhere where I can let some light into a seed of creativity that I have buried very deeply. Last week I was in Pisa on a week of Art – a week for the Senses.I loved it, and kept getting such an overwhelming feeling of joy that I was there. 2 years ago, it would have felt impossible for me to see myself on a week of Art – me?? Art for a week?? Never.
What is there waiting to bloom in you, that you have buried deeply, thinking that you can’t do it/ be it/ have it?
What would feel better from where you are now to shine some light on it?
Have fun discovering what it is…